Affordable. Unique. Tech-forward. Interactive. Fun. Mirror Mirror YYC is brought to you by White Rabbit Digital. As a programming group we’re able to create something truly unique to your event. We code, animate, and design. Your photo-taking experience can become whatever you want it to be and more! Contact us for a quote today.

Yes. There will be a booth attendant at every event.

Upon request. Most people find that there’s no need to include a background in their photo-taking experience. However, if you have to have one let us know and we’ll provide one for you.

White background, black background, and a green screen. We’re always looking to add to our collection so if there’s something specific that you need let us know.

No. Green screen feature is a part of the custom package. However, if you would like to add it to your standard package request a custom quote.



Yes. Our standard package comes with a short version as well as a long version, just let the booth attendant know which one you want to use. If you’re looking for something a little more specific look into our Custom package or request a quote.

The standard package comes with 4 pre-made interactive photo-taking experiences while custom package is designed specifically for your event. The standard photo-taking experiences don’t utilize feature such as green screen, text, and movement detection.

Not necessarily. We work with you to create up to 4 custom experiences for your event. You can choose to include or exclude those features.

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.

It stands for 5 hours of development. Our Custom package includes 6 hours of rental plus 5 hours of development. The 5 hours of development is spent on creating an experience unique to your event.

No problem. Please request a custom quote.

W: 3’. H: 5’. L: 3’. Please be sure to allow room for people to line up and take photos.

Instantly. Photos will be printed within seconds.

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.

At the end of your event.

No. However, we recommend that your participants be 10 years or older.

Yes. We kindly request a 50% deposit to book your event. The remaining 50% is due prior to the start of your event.

We require 4 weeks notice.

Mirror Mirror YYC is brought to you by White Rabbit Digital. You can use #MirrorMirrorYYC to tag your photos.

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